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Anyone know of any cheap DJ's?

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My daughter has just decided she wants a party for her 11th Birthday!!

Does anyone know of any cheapish DJ's?



I would ask Choice but I haven't got a spare £1000 lol


  • Damn. Mis read that as BJ's ;0)
  • The bloke who looks after the mascots at home games and is also a goalkeeping coach at the academy does Discos. He did them for kids at our local primary school and also I have seen him at Parties/weddings. He's pretty good and very reasonable. Anyway his name is Bob Sennington and if you want his number just inbox me.

  • I know a few who do it for around the £100-150 price mark which includes lighting etc.
  • Chirpy do you know if he works at Belvedere School? If so I sort of know him?

    CAFC-4-Life can you send me any details please?

  • Bob seems to work everywhere. Ginger, freckley fella. Nice chap and talks for England.
  • The guy (Brod) who does the quizes for NWK Addicks does discos - Fanny should have his details.
  • DLT's not doing much these days.
  • Terry, send me your number and I will get one of them to contact you. What date are you looking at.
  • have you asked BDL?
  • Bob Sennington does go to my daughters school so the mrs is going to have a chat with him in the morning.

    CAFC 4 Life I will send you it in 5mins cheers its for the 11th Feb mate.

    If anyone knows BDL give him a shout to get on here!!

    Cheers people for your help.
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  • I'd be happy to turn up and play a Jungle set for free.
  • have you got any gabba?
  • Why not use spotify/ itunes
  • Out of the game now, not seem Bob in action but I can guess he'd be good.

  • 11 and wants a party and DJ ..................what ever happened to a Macs party ..........

    You must have plenty of wonga.....good DJ want £200 now
  • yes your right to do a Adult disco for about 4 hours would be about £200
    But most Children's Party's are only 2 hours , I Normaly charge about £100
  • jdsd42

    Last year for her 10th we got a limo to the palladium to watch The wizard of Oz and the limo home for 4 of us so this year she is giving me a squeeze!!!!!!

    For all the people who have sent me numbers thank you very much I can always rely on you guys!!

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