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John Arlott In Conversation With Mike Brearley

I watched this tonight on BBC 4. It dates back to 1984 (re-edited 2011) but I must have missed it first time round.

A very good watch if anyone missed it and wants to catch up on i player.


  • I taped it. or Sky+ed it actually.

    Like to see the BBC repeat the wonderful series Arlott and Trueman on Cricket from the 70's.

  • agree Len, I caught the 2nd half of it and will watch it on iplayer today - a wonderful commentator and a great cricket captain, it was so refreshing to have silences during the interview and not wall to wall inane chatter.
  • agreed a very good watch! Brearley wd have been a very good broadcaster too ,both absolute masters of their art

    puts Charles Colville in perspective 
  • I was transfixed. Absolutely brilliant. Trying to think of any football commentator, pundit or captain being able to carry on a conversation as wide-ranging and as intelligent as that.



  • Peter Jones and Brian Butler were both very good football broadcasters.
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