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Paul Jewell

Terrible manager.

"Jewell has brought in 13 new players since the end of last season and says they will need more than one campaign to gel"

Pfft.... how many? and how long? ;)


  • Couldn't believe it when i saw he has Chopra, Bowyer and Bullard there, and those since the start of the season i think. With signings like that they can only have budgetted to get up in this season, so i expect Jewell will be gone very soon.
  • A third of them are only on loan, how's he thinking that it'll help Ipswich to be ready for next year?

  • He's saying it'll take 3 - 4 YEARS for them to settle.

    He'll be lucky to last that long in months.

    I swear he did exactly the same thing at Derby, now he's admitting it was a mistake.
  • They must have one hell of a wage bill
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    Another Scouser who talks a good fight yet never quite delivers. He is quite an articulate pundit but alas not a great success as a manager. I think that a lot of modern players, especially ones such as Bullard and Bowyer who have been around, take the old school manager style with a big pinch of salt and it's the younger fresher managers who have something to say and with new tactics and techniques who appeal more to experienced players. Chris Powell, Robinson at MKD and Howe at Bournemouth and Burnley are good examples.
  • My Ipswich mate wants him to be given time, feels Jewell can get them promoted next year.
  • curbishley is made for this job

  • Curbishley has been out of the game too long.
  • Curbishley has been out of the game too long.
    Rubbish, I saw him at the Carlisle Cup game
  • Curbishley has been out of the game too long.
    Wonder if he is enjoying his Sky Life ..................Warm studio or Portman road in January ,,,,,,,,,,me think i side with Sky......give Paul Jewell 10 years he will win the league ...Suffolk South .....or Div1 Sunday league
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  • Curbishley has been out of the game too long.
    ? Football has been around for 100's of years. 11 men, a ball and a goal and i bet he's seen more players since he's been out of management than he did when he was in it. Kenny Dalglish? 
  • Not a great manager?  Who is.  Whilst he may have a patchy record, his record at both Wigan and Bradford is in the superb bracket.  Kamara's team was OK, and he massively improved them.  Wigan had spent wages, and done very little and he made an excellent team there with Baines, Bullard, Mculloch, Scharner and Valencia.

    Whilst he has an inexplicable weakness for the cod-awful Tanny Ellington, and had a horror show at Derby, compared to Billy Davies who pays big wages and does very little Jewell is quite effective.  Give him time.  Ipswich have wasted millions since the end of Magilton's days.
  • He's been around the block and knows what's what. Experienced and has had some success. Not sure he is a miracle worker and that is pretty much what is required these days by most clubs. Ian Holloway has worked wonders at Blackpool with a sacking or two in his past. Tony Pullis keeps Stoke competative albeit with some unattractive football. Doubt Jewell will get the time to get things right and even with time he might not get it right. I think there are worse managers out there than Jewell.
  • "The Jewell in the Town", for Ipswich fans (with apologies to the book and TV series).
  • Anyone watching them play Barnsely? Ipswich are absolutley awful. Can't defend to save their lives. Although the game has featured one the best comedy defender mess ups/striker mess ups of the season.
  • Jesus, this is one to watch. 3-2 Ipswich with 25 mins to go
  • Make that 4-2!
  • make that 3-5 !
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