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Who's going tomorrow then and what will the crowd be ???

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was undecided, but then 5 yr old nephew really wants to go so have given in....I reckon the 'half-term' factor could have a baring and we could (surprisingly) get about 12/13k


  • I hope so, but I'm guessing around the 9k mark....
  • oh no! loads of screaming kids

    i'm going, probably going to sit in north west corner
  • Carlisle was like a bloody U18s disco. Im gonna go just for the off chance someone other then Benty might score

    I reckon an attendance of 10,500
  • I reckon this one could be less than Carlisle.

    Certainly the away support will be.

    Im gonna make a late decision depending on how settled I am in The Counting House.
  • I'll be there, I kind of prefer these games when the ground is only half full.
  • just over 10,000 would be my guess

    Bolton had a surprising poor turn-out for the league game I thought so don't expect more than a couple of hundred London-based Trotters
  • i can now confirm that i will be going.
  • there will be a few more home fans due to half-term, a few less away fans due to Bolton not travelling, net a slight pick up on the last one.

    I bet i still have to queue for about 2hrs for a ticket though !
  • how many tickets do you want, can pick them up tomorrow morning ill be down there as going to gym. let me know asap.
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  • Don't know how much difference half term will make I am in sunny Switzerland this week so won't be going.
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