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We're Back

Greetings all,

Well, if you are reading this then we're all on the same new server. It has taken longer than I expected to have it running, primarily because I wasted a lot of time thinking the process was moving along when in fact I had misconfigured something and the process was not underway at all. Figures. Had to begin again. Anyhow, I'm sure that no one's really interested in the tech details.

The facts: We're on a new server. It should be better, but there are bound to be teething problems. You may notice (hopefully) that the site loads pages faster. You may also notice that the Forum may drag a touch and it may fall over now and then over the weekend until we iron out all of the bugs and optimise the settings. Fun!

Sorry that the site has been offline all day. My apologies.

As I say, we're not in the clear just yet, but it we're laying the foundation for better things down the road. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has any difficulties over the next few days. I'll be around as much as possible, guaging and tweeking. Any issues, you can email admin @ [remove this] and copy in [email protected] [remove this] just to be sure.

Thanks for your patience,


    edited August 2007
    Dont apologise lookie dude, nice work man. its not the same without charlton life, long live CL
  • No worries...I'm sure productivity across SE London, Kent and further afield was up today with no Charlton Life. Plus I think the hamster that keeps the wheel turning in the server was due a day off.
  • Yeah, the hamster's done a good job over this past year. He's having a rest, having passed on the batton.We got a guinea pig in now, he's been training ready for his big start today.
  • Great work Lookout, I must admit being in Sydney time, I didn't read the warning posted about Charltonlife being offline so when i got home from work, was more gutted than when the official website is down.(but not as gutted as when i found my 2 Labs fighting over my yellow Mesh CAFC shirt in the backyard!!) Keep up the good work, its good to have you all back
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