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Charlton Life Charity Points Competition



  • thanks medders
  • Well done Nolly and AFKA. simple idea but they are always the best and only simple after someone else has pointed them out.

    Will there be lots of calculating and re-counting near the end of the season?

    "If we let QPR have a draw and beat barnsley we'll be on XXX points and I win"
  • Well...

    By my calculations there's only seven people who can now win!
  • Nolly's mum here trying to make a donation. Cant see how to do it and Nolly is trying to explain on the phone and getting a bit impatient. What button do I press

    Hello Nolly's Mum! Use this link
  • how shameful
  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]how shameful

    Blimey, is summer over already?!
  • nope,not comments of charlton will be made,hence my short apperances here,come august i will overload this site with my tripe,anyway put channel four on
  • Oh good - just in time for the grand finale.

    Gosh - do you think your Stevey might somehow manage to pull this off?
  • oh do piss off,this is one of hes best films.
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  • You said it!
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