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RIP Chris Cross

This hit close to home. Chris Cross of Ultravox fame has passed away. Faneadtic band from their early days with John Foxx and on with Midge Ure, Chris was an integral part.
RIP Chris.


  • Sad loss. The Foxx version of Ultravox shaped my view of music as a 16/17 year old in the late 70's. Saw them numerous times in the 80's and again when they reformed with their Ure lead line-up in the 2010's. Chris was never front and centre on stage but still a major part of both versions of the band . RIP Chris
  • Very sad news , a big part of my musical taste .  
  • RIP - Ultravox @ Hammersmith Odeon in 1982 was my first ever live concert.
  • RIP, will fire up Ha! Ha! Ha! - one of my favourite albums 
  • RIP.

    Ultravox reminds me of driving around in my Dad's car as a kid back in the early / mid 80s.

    Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, The Voice, Hymn, Thin Wall, Lament, Reap the Wild Wind. All classics which I still have in my AirPods as I walk to the station every morning.
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    Considered by many to be the biggest travesty in the history of modern rock music was that Oh Vienna was prevented from getting to Number 1 by the awful Shaddup a you Face……Joe Dolce.🫣🙄😡
  • RIP Chris (real name Chris Allen). Integral part of my favourite band.
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