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Rehousing Fish

We're finally getting round to sorting our garden the pond has to go, so am looking to try and rehouse the fish.

There's a couple of Koi, one a gold Israeli about 18 inches long and another standard which is a lot smaller, 2 mirror carp around 18 inches long, 2 grass carp, one about 2 foot the other a bit smaller. They're all about 18 years old. There are also a few goldfish about 6 years old.

Other than one goldfish that's had a tumour like growth for about 4 years, they all appear healthy and I haven't lost a fish in years. 

More concerned about them going to a good home than making any money out of them, ideally together.

Will need collecting from Bexley, and I've just noticed my net has rotted away, haven't had to fish anything out for a long time so you'll need to bring your own.


  • Sounds more like a lake mate
  • Gribbo said:
    Sounds more like a lake mate
    It’s one of the reasons it has to go mate. It’s a reasonable size pond but probably needs to be bigger for the mirror and grass carps.
  • Gribbo said:
    Sounds more like a lake mate
    Send for Lee Bowyer.

    He'll know what to do.

  • Be careful of glass tables...
  • Do fish live in houses...?
  • Big thanks to @Kips for taking the fish. Didn't realise quite how big they'd got or how gutted I would be to see them go. Glad they're going to a good home though.
    As long as the fish haven't been gutted!
  • Do fish live in houses...?
    Can’t see why not, they are known for schools after all…
  • When first reading the thread title I assumed Mark had hit on hard times.
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