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Footballers whose surnames are football teams

With the arrival of Connor, ahem, “Wycombe” and with Conor Coventry also in the Charlton team, it made me wonder how many different teams have had their name on the back of a player’s shirt.
In recent years there’s been Clarke Carlisle and Simon Charlton, while those of you who are my age or older will probably remember the gag/trivia question about Cup Final goal scorers Villa and Sunderland. Then there are the two elder Charltons, of course, who everyone has heard of.
That’s as far as I’ve got though.

ps. Yes, I’m aware that Wickham’s name is spelt differently, but it’s what made me think of it. 
Also, I recall there’s a player called Nottingham who played against us fairly recently, but I don’t think he counts as it needs the “Forest” to be sufficiently football team related… this is also why I think Villa is allowed, as the “Aston” bit isn’t so important. Anyway, I digress…

So, I’ve got:
Connor “Wycombe”
Conor Coventry
Bobby/Jack/Simon Charlton
Clarke Carlisle
Ricky Villa
Alan Sunderland

Any more?

Stephen Darby
(St) John Stones 😉
Deon Burton
Mick Buxton
Craig Forrest
Gerald Preston
Ian Hendon
Gary Poole
Nile Ranger(s)
Tyler Morton
Antonio Valencia
Reece Oxford
Jermaine Darlington
Dave Barnett
Stefan Palace. Sorry, Stefan Kuntz. 😉
Sean Dundee
James Chester
Chris Sutton


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