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For those of you who do the Lottery how many keep the same numbers each time and who picks new numbers every time?


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     NATIONAL Lottery punter was made to feel “like some sort of criminal” as she has won so often.

    Amelia Barnham, 69, spends £60 a week on lotto tickets and has won small prizes several times totalling £23,600.

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    The Lottery started in late November 1994.  If you had spent £60 a week on tickets since then, it would have cost you £91,680. 
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    Same numbers since day one
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    another example of a gambling company (for what else is 'the UK National Lottery' except a gambling platform) hating the fact that there is a consistent winner despite the huge odds stacked against her.
    But as @Chizz points out her winnings must be calculated against the number of weeks when she has staked the reported regular £60. I reckon over the long term she is a big loser and should be welcomed with open arms by the Lottery organisers who need all the cash they can get to sponsor our 'stars' at the Olympics
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