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Car Finance Mis-selling

Just seen the Martin Lewis campaign where hidden commission taken by dealers on past PCPs and car finance deals must now be disclosed and any paid can be claimed back.  Now illegal, but historically the finance company quoted a rate of interest to the dealer it wanted to earn on the finance, say 4%, but the dealer could hike that up to whatever it wanted, say 6%, and the finance company rebates the additional interest to the dealer.  It's the secrecy and hidden nature of the arrangement which is the offence.  Still happens but it must be disclosed and agreed to.

For years was the normal system in all commission based savings and pensions financial products where the intermediary decided what the provider would charge and how much of that would be a back hander siphoned off secretly to the intermediary. 


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    Is there a link available for a DIY claim?
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    Is there a link available for a DIY claim?

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    Think they went bust, but heard some horror stories about Car Craft in relation to this. 

    They would offer finance with say 10% interest and tell customers that a deposit would more or less assure it. People would put a few hundred down, be left waiting for an hour and then told that the best deal they could get was something like 30% interest with huge repayments. They would then say I can't afford that, refund my deposit, only to be told that in the small print it states deposits are non refundable. 

    People with poor credit was their target market, so it was almost a given that they couldn't afford the higher repayments.

    Disgraceful practice.
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