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Melanie RIP


  • Look What They've Done To My Song Ma turned out to be a somewhat ironic title given what the Wurzels did to Brand New Key!

    RIP Melanie 
  • Lovely voice,

  • Oh, how sad.
    People rightly praise Joni Mitchell's ode to Woodstock, but Melanie, who was actually there, wrote an equally moving paen to that festival and with the inspired decision to collaborate with the Edwin Hawkins Singers turned the song Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) into something transcendent.
    Somewhere on youtube you can find a live performance for Dutch TV. Skip the banal interview, the performance is truly moving.
  • Melanie Who ? 
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    Melanie - (I've Got a) Brand New Key.
  • Melanie Who ? 
    Melanie Safka
  • Melanie Who ? 
    Bit off

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  • Sadly more people would know The Wurzel's rip-off!

  • Had a Melanie half hour on YouTube last night and that version of Lay Down is amazing as is her version of Ruby Tuesday. She seemed like a good soul and remember her sweet kind face from when I was a kid.
  • Brand New Key remains one of my favourite "quirky" songs, a hit in the early days of TOTP. I love the Wurzels take on it as well.
    Her songs will live on
  • Melanie had a lovely tone and timbre to her evocative voice.
  • Melanie Who ? 
    Indeed... B or C ?

    I heard the Wurzels version of Brand New Key the other day. Cover versions....they dont make 'em like they used to.

  • RIP.  Another from my distant youth gone...fond memories of the first time I saw her on the Woodstoik film (1969!).
  • Ah no. RIP Melanie.

    I had not given her a thought for years, and then just a couple of weeks back my buddy on his anorak rock show played something from her and that led to a long discussion about the power of gospel music, which I would never have given any thought to either were it not for Lay Down. He's going to play something tomorrow to mark her passing. Every week, sadly, he has a slot in his show to mark the passing of rock and blues musicians.

    @Six-a-bag-of-nuts Oh man that video is so good. I often wondered if she'd ever done it live with the full choir, and what it would be like. Now I know.
    Audience reminds me of that old Monty Python "applause " clip, tho' ;)
  • great voice and a bit of a heartthrob in her time .. R I P
  • RIP Melanie
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  • I remember her for the cover of Ruby Tuesday which I see from Wiki was a UK chart hit in 1970.
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