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My PSA result

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I was diagnosed eight years ago with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

I’ve just got my latest PSA result and it’s <0.1 undetectable.

I urge all men over 40 to get a PSA test and catch it early.

The past eight years have been hard especially on my dear wife, thank God I’ve got her.

Anyway let’s hope for three points tonight.


  • That's really good news. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your uplifting story.
  • Congratulations 🙌 
  • Great news - very happy for you both.
  • Hope all goes well in 2 weeks John
  • Good luck John. 
  • Best wishes RedJohn. 
  • RedJohn said:
    I am 66, diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and Bone Cancer just before Xmas, gonna be a long road ahead, have an appt with the hospital in a couple of weeks regarding what they can do for me, been told it is treatable thankfully, but I urge all and sundry to arrange testing before its too late.
    Best wishes mate.
  • Good luck RedJohn
  • Good Luck RJ
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  • Lots of things can be done nowadays John, so keep the faith fella…..and good luck.🤞
  • Thanks for your story ValleyDan and best wishes to you RedJohn
  • Very best wishes to you @RedJohn good luck!! 
  • Appreciate all your comments, thanks.
  • Great news 👌🏻
  • Excellent news Dan and good luck for going forward John
  • Best wishes John 
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    Congratulations Dan.

    Best of luck John, you have thousands of fellow Addicks cheering you on. 
  • Great news Dan. 

    How do you go about getting tested? Is it just a call to the GP? 

  • Red John I want to let you know I’ve been on hormone therapy for most of the past eight years and that brought my PSA right down to zero.Also I found a book called ….How to starve cancer… by Jane Mclelland who was stage 4 cancer like me 20 years ago and she’s still here.She recommended I went to the Care Oncology Clinic in London.

    they give you alternative drugs to stop the cancer spreading and so far it’s worked for me.Its costing me about £1600 a year.I get three monthly consultations with them and they supply the alternative drugs.

    I hope this helps mate as I know just how you are feeling.

    Anything to help a fellow Charlton family member.

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  • Robroy just go to your GP and ask for a test.
  • Congrats Valleydan. A call to my GP is well in order 👍
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