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Daniel Kanu: One of Our Own who deserves success

I was at Gillingham and Orient where the apparent lack of effort led to quite a few angry threads on here. As we look to bring in a forward to turn our season around, I thought I'd share a story about Daniel Kanu to encourage everyone to get behind him.  He lives near me and both last Wednesday and today I saw him training whilst out walking my dog. Today I plucked up the courage to say hello to him.  I spoke to him for five minutes and he came across as a great lad. He told me how much he enjoyed his loan at Southend and how desperate he was to succeed with CAFC. I told him how low we felt after those December games, as it looked like some players didn't care. However after watching him train on his day off, he showed me that this wasn't the case with everyone. I sat on a bench and saw a young man who really wants to succeed with his local side. The effort he put in working on his own, practising his dribbling and shooting makes me root for him to make it at the Valley. We might buy a new forward or two soon but let's not forget Daniel Kanu, one of our own.


  • Great Post. Thanks for sharing 
  • When he came on as a sub on Saturday I thought he looked like he had stepped up a gear in his play in terms of physicality and wanting to impose himself. He can’t be far off now.

  • Love DK, you can never ever doubt his application on the pitch and lovely to hear that he replicates it off of it too. Got all the makings of our next academy icon 
  • Think he's got a good future ahead of him. As well as everything mentioned above it's clear he worked hard over the summer, looks much closer to being ready for mens football than he did at the end of last season. I just hope we don't play him into the ground
  • Excellent post.
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  • Great post BB. I thought he looked pretty good against Peterborough who are on fire at the moment. He held the ball up well and made some good contributions. It helped that he played more centrally, and was alongside May. Sticking him out wide didn't suit him, and neither did playing up top on his own.
    It's great to hear of a pro doing extra work on his day off, something I expect is quite rare in the modern game.
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    Scoham said:
    Need to get him signed up to a new long term deal. He’s looked physically ready this season, you can see the progress he’s made since he’s early appearances in the first team.
    agreed he's definitely 'filled out' a bit and is alot stronger.

    and let's be fair, everyone loves an academy player - but for me a striker always generates a little bit more excitement and interest
    Probably generates a little bit more pressure too... Strikers have a very simple role in one respect, and like Goalkeepers its probably easier to judge the one job they're meant to be doing.

    Dont score... Dont keep the ball out of the net... Whats the point of playing them

    Really glad to see him doing well, not sure why he's not starting more, as seems the type of Striker who could play across the entire front line, even when we're playing 4-3-3 - His hold up play has been excellent, especially that was one reason why we didn't initially recall him from Southend, if I remember rightly.
  • like to see him and May played together up front for the rest of the season in either a 4 4 2 or (less attractive i m o ) a 3 5 2 .. we just can't rely on Aneke ever being fit and fully available
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    We all moan about players who aren't good enough.

    However, the time has come for those people to look at themselves. Who practises sending emails on their day off? Where is the refuse collector who practices, time after time taking their own bin up and down the garden on their day off? And where is the match day steward who stands in a cold field every Thursday searching handbags that aren't really there.

    We can all be a bit more Kanu.
  • I think he’s a natural goalscorer and you can’t teach that so good he’s working hard on the rest -  I also think he’s been unfortunate, like May, that he hasn’t been played up top with a strike partner who can do the other side of the game - great story bartramblitz and good luck to DK  👍
  • Would help if Appleton didn’t stick him out wide. He clearly knows how to score goals, use him properly or loan him out if he’s not ready. 
  • Think he's a player who likes to play on the shoulder. been watching him, when he is playing , he keeps signalling where he wants the ball through the lines , but generally we havent found him and played it backward or sideways . Perhaps with our new midfield may mean he gets more chances. 
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  • Post of the year so far imho!
    Give @BartramBlitz a promote 🤩

    Cheers Geezer, wonderful insight 🙏🏻♥️
    Beat me to it , KBslittlesis ! 

    Let's see someone brave enough to try to beat BartramBlitz into 2nd place ! 

    Great young man, DK, and a DGS scholar too ! 
  • Fantastic post BB
    Really hope DK gets a decent run until the end of the season
    Was really encouraged by his 2nd half performance against Peterborough
    Like any player he needs a run of games to build his confidence - IMO he has undoubted talent
    Good luck to the lad 
  • Swisdom said:
    I’ve been chatting with his father for a couple of years now.  DK is a very bright lad and he works his nuts off to improve his game.  He has a loving family supporting him in all his endeavours.  
    One of his former teachers is an Addick, and a friend of mine, and said he’s a lovely, very intelligent lad from a lovely family.

    He’s a genuinely nice guy, local and one of our own and, as said above, has improved his physicality hugely in the last 12 months.  I’m excited by him 
    Any word about contract and/or plans? @Swisdom
  • Was impressed with the half he played Saturday, really worked hard, finishing needs improving, just hope the pillock in charge can see both he and May need a partner upfront.
  • That’s such a good post BartramBlitz.  I wonder if 94 is a record number of “likes”
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    I really like DK, you can see by the way he plays that he cares. And he's done alright so far!
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    Slowly but surely we will get this striker that is in him,not this season but definitely by next season. We must make sure his contact is extended and we will reap the benefits as will Daniel. Long leap forward from non league football to Charlton. 
    Seen afew  Charlton strikers fall short after looking promising.
    Remember Tuna,prime example.

    Nice to hear of ayoungter that wants to put a little extra in.👍
  • Good post 

    2nd half the treatment he got from Peterborough CB’s was terrible - shirt pulling, blatant pushing and dragging - he kept on going, but VAR would have sorted it out in no time (maybe !!) 

    I think the raw ingredients are all there, but perhaps an added dose of nastiness is needed 
  • Great post. Hope he re-signs and goes onto big things.
  • He's the best option we have to play that target man role at the minute, which highlights the dire need for someone in the door.

    Going forward, he'd be a great back-up/alternative to Alfie May.
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