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POST-MATCH THREAD: Charlton Athletic vs Peterborough Unt: Sat 13th January 2024 | KO 15:00

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Michael Appleton’s new look Charlton faced a tough challenge with visitors Peterborough sitting in second and in very good form. Changes were made to accommodate new signing Tyreeq  Backinson in the starting lineup, as well as Conor Coventry and Lewis Fiorini on the bench. Also, an unexpected change in formation, to a 3-4-3, which Appleton said in his pre-match comments, the players were keen to implement after working on it for a few days in the run up. 

Unfortunately, the changes didn’t work. Charlton persisted without threatening throughout the first half. Peterborough were solid and threatening, finding their opening after 28 minutes through Mason-Clark. 

The second half was much better from Charlton, with Louis Watson and Daniel Kanu replacing each Campbell respectively. And it wasn’t long before Charlton were back in it. On 49 minutes Alfie May found the back of the net, finishing from a yard out, with both Kanu and Backinson in the middle of things forcing Peterborough to scramble. The momentum was now with the home side in a match that quickly became an end-to-end affair. But it was Peterborough that found the breakthrough on the counter attack, with Mason-Clark again finding the back of the net, getting ahead of a tiring and out-of-position Tennai Watson and shooting though a George Dobson challenge to slot past Ashley Maynard-Brewer. Charlton should have done better. 

 New signings, Conor Coventry and Lewis Fiorini, came on and provided a new impetus. Unfortunately, though there were chances, we didn’t have enough to find the equaliser. All new signings were put through their paces and showed clear reasons to be hopeful for the second half of the season, even if it wasn’t enough to match a superior Peterborough side today. 

Charlton 1 Peterborough 2

Over to you.



  • Just seen the second goal and complete lack of intelligence and effort from T.Watson. Awful. 
  • Ah well, put it in a pile with the rest of the failure. 
    The only good from today apart from the new players looking ok is that Appleton tried a different shape. I don't love 3 at the back but we know May needs a player alongside him to be at his best so let's just do it. CBT is clearly going, sell him and just don't replace him so Appleton doesn't have a choice. We've got Gillesphey for the left side of it, we now need to get a striker in and there will come a point where we have May, another striker, Kanu and Aneke as options. We have Dobson, Fiorini, Coventry, Fraser, Bakinson and eventually Camara and McGrandles to fill those 3 midfield spaces and we pray Edun doesn't get injured. We're stuck with Appleton, pray something works
  • Same shit different day. 
  • Talal said:
    Just seen the second goal and complete lack of intelligence and effort from T.Watson. Awful. 
    You've got that very wrong, he should never have been the nearest to challenge. Had absolutely no cover, it was pathetic. 
    Must have imagined him casually jogging 
  • Leuth said:
    I feel like me giving Edun 9 for that in player marks might seem a bit silly, but for me he showed he wanted to run and work for us more than most have shown. Epitomised a spirit that can be built upon.

    The new midfielders looked good too 
    Edun looked better today and had a good game. 9 was a silly mark but I've seen him given a 5, that was sillier
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  • Just seen the second goal and complete lack of intelligence and effort from T.Watson. Awful. 
    Not having that. He’d just run up front and put in a lovely pass for a chance for us. Peterborough had a quick break and scored from that. 
    Two things: 1) Tennai was blowing out his arse because he’d had to sprint back. 2) Nobody dropped into his space to cover his run upfront.

    He’s not perfect by any means, but you can’t pin that goal on him.
    Yeah these posts criticising Watson for the second are from WUM's I'm sure. Dobson got from LCM to get back Watson was our furthest forward... They both got back before Jones got across. Jones was waiting and waiting and waiting, he didn't move to the player.
  • Addick_8 said:
    L L D D D D L L L D L
    But let’s continue to give MA time because he is the only manager in the entire EFL that has had a few injuries. 
    Said it last week and I’ll say it again, he’ll take us into a relegation scrap. 
    Don't worry, Nigel Pearson will steer us away from relegation.
  • I’m surprised with the amount of positivity on here and on the match thread. I’m not feeling it, sorry.
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  • edited January 13
    Edun did better offensively than usual in the 2nd half. But we need to change our full backs. I have been saying for a while, they are too soft and generally don't give us enough defensively or offensively. The rest was promising I thought.
  • what the hell did Appleton say before the match to send the team out in such an apathetic, half-arsed state of mind
  • Yay, we didn’t let in a last gasp goal, this is an improvement eh Monsieur Pomme
  • Just seen the second goal and complete lack of intelligence and effort from T.Watson. Awful. 
    Danger of just watching highlights I guess.

    Anyway, that first half was sickeningly bad, even for a team who seem to put in loads of bad first half performances. 

    But that second half could potentially be a sign of things to come. 

    I am in a weird position, as I don’t think we should have been performing as bad as we are - certainly results wise - but also we don’t look like a relegation team getting smashed 2/3-0 every game either. 

    I honestly think as much as Appleton needs to front up and take blame for many of the results, we also just lack such an unbalanced squad. Not just in terms of depth, but more so in just a clear style that they can play together that gets the best out of them.

    If that is addressed in this window - which it feels a little like it might be - then I do feel like we will start winning lots more.

  • cabbles said:
    We missed Fraser’s guile in the last 10 when we were chasing the equaliser 
    You joke, but L Watson did stuff up several openings! He did get in position to stuff them up, on the other hand 
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