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++Tyreeq Bakinson joins on loan for rest of season.++

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From Sheff Wed, midfielder


  • Appleton is delighted to add further quality to his engine room. The Head Coach said: “Tyreeq is six foot three and he gives us a physicality in midfield. He can play as a holding midfielder or a box-to-box midfielder because he’s got the ability to get up and down the pitch when he wants and needs to. He can do that from a physical point of view, but he’s also got the discipline to sit in there when required.

     “Tyreeq has played at big clubs has been promoted twice, so he brings a lot of experience to the group as well.”

  • Not overly keen but he is a big lad so will at least add a bit of strength and height to the team. 
  • The first of a few January never-beens I expect. 
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  • this is all very well but what is hi squad number and did he sign in time for tomorrow????
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    Leuth said:
    I don't see how we can moan about someone who's dominated us more than once in the recent past 
    C’mon Leuthy you know the drill it’s pile on time 😉.
  • Hopefully adds some of the physical presence that's needed in our midfield - don't suppose he's match fit though.
  • See everybody's thrilled with the signing. Already decided he's shit and on the way down
    Well to come from the Championship to a mid table league one club is a step down.
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  • I feel the rumblings of excitement already... Either that or I need to buy more toilet paper!
  • I can’t say I know anything about the lad but he is playing higher so must have a game. Unlike most I don’t mind these type of loans as if they are soon out of contract we can sign them later it sort of makes sense
  • se9addick said:
    Did I imagine it or did someone at the club say we would focus on permanent signings this window rather than loans?

    Doesn’t mean perms won’t still come in, but interesting that the first deal is a loan. 
    Loans are quicker to do. Plus like people have already said he's a free agent in the summer so pretty likely he'll join for free then, or move on
  • Pretty underwhelming given the feedback he comes with from all his previous clubs but let's hope we are the club where he turns it around and becomes world class 
  • If he can add a bit of physical presence and experience to the midfield then it's a good move. Can't say I know too much about about him really beyond a quick glance of wiki. 
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