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Charlton YouTube

Good evening,

My name is Josh and I have run a Charlton/League One YouTube Channel since July and wanted to reach out to possible new viewers. I have never used a forum before so this is all new to me. On the channel, I post a matchday vlog for every game, along with a transfer show each window, a weekly live stream to interact and talk about all the issues surrounding Charlton and finally the occasional video surrounding other league one clubs (which I have done less of since the summer due to how busy I have been).

If this is something that you would be interested in, then please consider checking it out below. I want to try and hit 1k subscribers by the end of the season and I'm only currently 120 off so that would be an incredible achievement. Please let me know of any improvements I could make on the channel or more ideas for sit down videos or potentially live streams with viewers.

Link to the channel here: (247) Joshua Willcox - YouTube

Link to my Twitter: (1) Josh ⚽️ (@willcoxj_) / X (

I am also close with the other Charlton youtubers such as @Braziliance , @TomArchYT and Tyler Rowlinson. This discussion can allow them (I know Charlie has his own thread) to promote videos and ideas for all of our channels.



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