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NEW ARTICLE: Biggest Since Wembley?

Following defeat on Monday night three points on Saturday is now essential.


  • no corporal jones, not quite by a long shot...
  • I'd say it's the biggest match of the season to date, whether the most important since the play off is debateable.

    For all the effort and sweat that went into Monday's game to get nothing from it was a blow. We need three points tomorrow to not only get us off the bottom and beat a fellow struggler but for the psychological lift.
  • The psyhcological issue is the point I am trying to make. Whilst a defeat won't settle anything it would be (I think) a tipping point for the fans and the tide will start to turn against Dowie.
  • i also agree actually its our biggest game since wembley. It will certainly have the most devasting effect if we lose...
  • This is the point where we start to find out what kind of team we have, as opposed to what we think we have or would like to have.

    Do we have a cohesive unit determined to pull together and win, or a team that runs about but to no great effect, concedes a goal or two and while doing the basics well enough just aren't able to impose themselves sufficiently to change the outcome?

    This is where they earn their money - from Dowie down.
  • On the other hand we could still win and go down, or lose and stay up...

    : )
  • Nothing like heaping extra pressure on the lads eh?

    I suppose Newcastle is now the BIG game and then City etc......
  • edited October 2006
    "I suppose Newcastle is now the BIG game and then City etc......" - said Stone.

    Yes mate that sounds about right and if they can't handle the pressure then they should get out of the kitchen - or something like that.
  • I'm loving it. This is more like the Charlton I know!

    ps When do we next all jerk our knees?
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