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New year's eve!

So what's everyone up to?

I'll be popping round some friends but it's all a bit Meh for me these days.


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    Praia do Bessa, watching a fireworks display on the beach with Mrs Elfs and our little sausage dog.
    Back home would have been The Bricklayers in Bromley.
  • Sitting on my arse at home... My Son will be in bed @ 7pm

    Will no doubt stay up till Midnight to watch the Fireworks and that'll be it

    Rock n Roll lifestyle
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  • Most overrated night on the calendar….. being dragged along to a NYE thing at a house down the road but all a bit forced.
  • Usually out but we are going to stay in and watch a movie or 2 and crack open the spirits . Sign of my age - would never ever have dreamed of staying in NYE when younger ! At least I have the Valley to look  forward to tommorow ...........................

    Happy New Year everyone.
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  • Just returned from Dawat Blackfen
    3 types on delivery machines spewing out orders
    Add that to phones constantly on the go, and a full restaurant,
    Good luck.
  • Up to a local little micro pub. Will probably be shit faced by 930 so may or may not see the new year in.
  • Same as the last few years......not a lot. Will probably switch between Jools Holland's Hootanany and whatever else is on until midnight. Then watch the fireworks & wait for Golfie Jnr to come home. He promised he wouldn't be too late & not too drunk either......which is good as he's doing the music tomorrow so will need to be down at the Valley by 12.30 tomorrow 😄. 
  • Out out, don't really want to, bank account definitely doesn't. Enjoy everyone!
  • Staying in with a bottle or 3 of wine. Happy New Year Lifers!
  • Round some friends tonight in Orpington and all crashing here (including kids), been here since 4 and cracking through the drinks. HNY all 
  • Naff all, total excuse for a few dickheads to get pissed and keep everyone awake singing up the street, with some git letting off fireworks at midnight...🥱
  • Working til 11pm, back in at 10am tomorrow so a glass of champers at work and home for an early-ish night!
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  • Anyone going to Trafalgar Square?
  • Anyone going to Trafalgar Square?
    Nelson always rates it there...🙄
  • Anyone going to Trafalgar Square?
    Only on the Monopoly board. We know how to enjoy ourselves.
  • Went out for an Italian with my missus and recently turned one year old lad, after taking him swimming and soft play earlier in the day.  

    Now about to settle down and watch the Ronnie O’Sullivan doc on Amazon.  Hope to be conked by 10pm.  It’s a far cry from the early noughties, but I wouldn’t have it any other way these days.  Happy new year all 
  • Watching TV, just had a lovely pasta bake, will watch Jools later, may open a bottle, may not. 
  • Finishing off Nick Abbot's review of the year.
  • Had tickets to Wonka at Vue in Eltham this afternoon but when we arrived, were told there was some sort of UK wide technical issue preventing it being shown all day. Sounded like bollox but not much we could do about it. 

    Staying in tonight, might not even make midnight, have never really been a NYE fan.
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