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Honestly, kids these days ….

The annual music festival Rhythm and Vines is due to open in a couple of days at a vineyard near Gisborne, NZ North Island.  It is a three day festival and has been operating a number of years.  It attracts top international artists, some of whom return year after year.

Kids roll up with their tents, equipped for three days of fun.  The festival is strictly supervised in that no alcohol is admitted although drinks are available at a cost on site.  This presents a challenge.

Our 20 yo granddaughter is returning this year with her mates.  One strategy they have to overcome the alcohol inconvenience is to drill a hole in an otherwise unopened can of coke in the bottom of the can.  Fill it up with vodka and seal up the bottom of the can.  It will pass inspection and be available for early consumption.  Each person is allowed 4 bottles of coke.


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    My favourite (that I’ve heard) is filling an unused catheter bag with whiskey attaching it to the leg with the tube running up to your underwear
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