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Charlton vs Cole Stockton - 23/12/23 - 15:00 *Match Preview*

It does not look like there is a match preview for the game this weekend.

I wanted to use that thread to make a comment about how overrated I think Cole Stockton is on this forum, for him to inevitably score a worldy. 

So here it is. 

A match we *should* win, which we probably *wont* win.


  • Can't see anything less than Stockton scoring a hattrick so not sure how we stand a chance of getting anything from the game.
  • He's gonna tear us apart and rejuvenate his form again. Class player, genuinely one of the best 9s I've seen against us in league 1. 

    Just hasn't worked for him at Burton, if he went to Derby instead who he was linked with I reckon he'd be flying, even Washington was getting goals there
  • Stockton or Ajose ? .. take you pick for a one season wonder .. (seems that Ajose has now retired as a player and now coaches an Exeter youth team)
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    He did score 11 goals last season.

    7 of them in the last four games when I assume - as many on here like to put it - he was ‘playing for a contract’.

    He’s not a bad player at all, but he is spoke about as the league one Haarland in these parts, and people were having meltdowns because we didn’t spend the 500,000 or whatever Morecambe were asking for him at the time (not one team did). Probably because he is essentially just your average league one level player. 
  • I've backed Stockton to be first goalscorer, last goalscorer and all the goals in between.
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    All this Stockton "Love In"...🙄
    Maybe it's just so you have something to feel better about after it don't happen...May will show him the way back home to Burton...3-0...👍
  • Our defense is atrocious. We have players who just stand still when they are by far the closest to an unmarked player. They act like the opposition is invisible.

    Some of our defenders are so useless, their defending is something I myself would have been sorry about playing in the London Kent Border League. 

    Scoring against us is no accolade.
  • Won't score today. Guaranteed.
  • Great work everyone 
  • He’s bound to score against our porous defence 
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  • FFS, not even in the squad to prove my point right. 
  • Imagine what would have happened if he had played
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