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MATCH THREAD : Barnsley Vs Charlton Athletic : Saturday 16th December 2023 : KO 3:00pm

Back "On the road again", and a trip up to Oakwell with a match that might prove tricky against "The Tykes"...
With Barnsley sitting rather comfortably in seventh, this will prove to be a testing time for us, and we will need to be at our best, but I can see no reason why we shouldn't be capable of coming back home with at least a point in the bag, if not all three...4 of their 5 defeats have come at Oakwell let's not forget...
In our last 12 meetings, Barnsley have emerged victorious 5 times, while we have secured 4 wins, with 3 ending all square, so should be a close fact, we seem to like the draw up there...our last victory at Oakwell came in April 2013 with a nice 0-6 score line, now anything near that would be good...

So, Here we go...

Boban Tedić will start this afternoon...🤷‍♂️

The striker comes in for Henry Rylah as Michael Appleton makes one change to his starting XI, with the substitutes bench remaining the same as last weekend.

We will be looking to continue their five-game unbeaten run in the league against a Barnsley side that currently sit one place outside the play-off spots.  

We are expected to line-up in a 4-3-3 formation with Tennai Watson, Michael Hector, Terell Thomas and Tayo Edun starting in a back four in front of goalkeeper Ashley Maynard-Brewer.

Skipper George Dobson, Scott Fraser and Chem Campbell will play in midfield, behind a front three of Alfie May, Tedić and Corey Blackett-Taylor.

The substitutes bench remains the same as last weekend.

Charlton: Maynard-Brewer; T.Watson, Hector, Thomas, Edun; Dobson (c), Fraser, C.Campbell; May, Tedić, Blackett-Taylor

Subs: Walker, Asiimwe, Elerewe, L.Watson, T.Campbell, Kanu, Mbick

So we "welcome" back Tedic into the starting line-up, with Alfie again out on the right it seems... hopefully Kanu can come on at some point!!!



  • Tedic the latest loanee back from the cold, after the return of Chem last week
  • Louie Watson must have a shocking attitude, what other reason can there be for him not starting? 
  • Tedic the latest loanee back from the cold, after the return of Chem last week
    Maybe as part of the loan deal we can only send them back if we've played them at least X number of times, and if we don't we're forced to buy them?!
  • Very strange he was on loan at Barnsley wasn’t he maybe Micky apples give him another last chance saloon to show him he better than the youngsters before terminated or he being recalled from loan spell?
  • Kanu will be the impact sub
  • Feel sorry for Kanu, deserved a start. Is Fraser doing something that nobody else sees other than Apples.

    Convinced Apples wouldn’t know a decent player if he saw one.
  • I truly fear we could get a mauling today....
  • I'd like to see Tedic through the middle today with May off the right
  • sam3110 said:
    I'd like to see Tedic through the middle today with May off the right
    Well you're in luck. 
  • sam3110 said:
    I'd like to see Tedic through the middle today with May off the right
    Looks like you should get your wish...
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  • sam3110 said:
    I'd like to see Tedic through the middle today with May off the right
    I’d like to see him put a few challenges in and not wimp around moaning like he normally does.
  • sam3110 said:
    I'd like to see Tedic through the middle today with May off the right
    Campbell on the right and may deep behind tedic would be my choice
  • I mean people criticize the inclusion Tedic but in reality , what other choices did we have other than playing anther youngster Kanu or Mbick or playing a complete different formation. Kanu should be dangerous off the bench if we are still in the game at that point but I fear we may be out of it by then
  • Tedic Total waste of space.

  • Stop starting Fraser for crying out loud. He’s useless.
  • Curbs stuck in traffic  :D
  • edited December 2023
    Curbs late on parade in the studio...Scott and Brownie look like "The Men in Black"... B)
  • I suppose Appleton is thinking Tedic will want to do well against his previous club.
    Or he has certain knowledge that might help.
    I would've started Kanu myself, and be fretting a little bit about Dobson having to do all the water carrying in midfield.
  • Lack of being able to keep a clean sheet means that we will probably get beat today. Have to outscore them today which looks unlikely. 
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  • I put my very optimistic hat on this morning and decided that there is no real way of pretending this is going to end well.  The first game in a while we haven’t  been unevenly matched (not in a good way) against lower league and bottom 6 teams, and nothing suggests we have the defensive qualities to get a result away at a top side.  Hope this post ages really badly.
  • edited December 2023
    Massively  p*ssed of that he’s starting Tedić and Fraser rather than L Watson and Kanu.
    Fraser offers nothing defensively, and based on the Cambridge performance, Kanu is 10x the player Tedić is. 
    Our back four, plus Dobson has no chance of stopping Barnsley from scoring. 
  • Telegram from Serbia has just arrived. Rushed in from the local Serbian embassy in Barnsley.
    Two arm guards hand it over to some bloke and his whippet in the Oakwell reception area. He passes it on to young Slobodan in the changing room as he prepares himself to do battle with the mighty tykes. 

    It's from Tedic snr. It reads:

    "This is it Slobodan! [stop] This is your chance! [stop] Make those fuckers down in South East London regret ever saying a bad word against a Tedic! [stop]"
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    Curbs has finally arrived...he ain't happy, good to see he has joined "The Men in Black" theme...🙄
  • Do wish Fraser would put himself about a bit: looks like he's frightened of breaking his somewhat limp wrists 
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    The most lightweight midfield in the history of League 1 picked for an away fixture against Barnsley in  December. the official stats, Fraser .C Campbell,.Tedic and CBT have a combined total of 3.1 successfully executed tackles in 2023. 

    I made up the last bit. 
  • Hope the team don't have to carry Alfie May again ...
  • Barnsley 3 - Charlton 0
  • Curbs, Minto and Brownie in great form. They must be a really good laugh to go out for a beer with!

    Far more entertaining than I fear the game will be!
  • Charlton TV making me smile today, all 3 of them on great form.
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