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RIP Andre Braugher

One of the best-cast and funniest comedy characters in recent years, Captain Holt never failed to make me laugh. For those who haven't seen Brooklyn 99, worth it just for him! 61 is too early. Thanks for all the great moments, Andre, RIP. 


  • Sad to see this news this morning, awesome in Brooklyn 99. So funny. 

  • Very sad. He focused on being a family man over celebrity. A proper Dad.
  • How sad. He was fantastic as the super-smooth Detective Frank Pembleton in Homicide Life on the Street, my favourite American police series.
  • Brooklyn 99, is childishly brilliant and lasted well over years.  RIP Captain Holt.
  • Equally great in serious roles and comedy alike.

    RIP Andre.

  • Nine Nine is one of those shows I just watch over and over. Always on in the background. 

    A fabulous character. His battles with Wunch make me laugh every time without fail. 

  • My favourite character from my favourite show in recent years. Gutted. RIP.

  • RIP - that man could deliver a funny line alright!   
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  • Oh how sad... As others have said... He was outstanding in Brooklyn 99
  • One of my Covid furlough friends. Binge watched Brooklyn 99 end to end and he was a brilliant character amongst a cast of brilliance...RIP Captain Holt.
  • Such a good actor, too many people are dying so young lately. 

    He was fantastic in b99 but one of his roles that seems to have gone under the radar a bit was his voice acting performance as Darkseid in: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. He absolutely nailed how you'd expect a villain to sound.

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    What a shame, and no age at all. 

    I can't begin to imagine how long Brooklyn 99 must have taken to film, the complete deadpan delivery of Captain Holt would have had me creasing every time. A real lightning in a bottle casting that absolutely made the series what it was

    RIP Captain
  • As a keen student of the American Civil War for more years than I care to remember, 'GLORY' is, in my humble opinion, the best Civil War movie Hollywood has produced, and Andre's performance was superb.
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