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Medical alarm for the elderly

Hi all. 

Looking for recommendations 

mother in law who lives with us is currently having chemo. She is struggling to get up off the sofa or toilet particularly later in day when more tired 

Can anyone suggest a wearable alarm for when we are out of the house, where she can just press a button and we get a notification so we can just go and help her?

dont want one that is linked to external care provider that has a monthly fee/fall monitor etc. 
more just a simple device that beeps us rather than a third party as she will probably forget to take her mobile on there with her ! 

cheers all 


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    edited December 2023
    I've been considering something similar recently but slightly different circumstances. 
    This sounds like it could be what you're looking for, assuming there's an internet router and you are willing to get the beep on a smartphone;

    My dad has issues and is liable to another fall but can't be relied on to carry his phone everywhere, and can't be expected to wear it round his neck or wrist etc. in a pouch or on a lanyard. The standard offer from the council is a subscription of around £30 per month so we're considering it, and i may shop around for a cheaper option with fall detection built in. No home wifi and a distance of 150+ miles further complicates matters in our case.

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