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Happy Birthday Michael Appleton

Michael Appleton is 48 today . 

Happy birthday to our manager . 

Trust one of his presents will be afew new players in the up and coming transfer period.


  • Hope he has more puff than some of our players otherwise the candles will burn out  before he blows them out. 
  • I gave him a cake with 48 candles on it. He wasn't impressed.

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    Happy Birthday Apples...
  • Happy Birthday Boss
  • 48?!?!?!?
    pull the other one
    I know he's spent a lot more time outdoors than I have but I cheerfully admit to plenty more than 48 and he doesn't look a day younger than me Dad
    48! 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣⚽⚽
    Age related degradation might explain some of his selections and waiting until a game is dead and gone before substituting any of the worst offenders 
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