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EAFC (formerly Fifa)

Not sure if there’s been a thread yet on EAFC but wanted to share my Charlton past and present team so far. There’s also a decent mode called ‘evolutions’ that allows you to upgrade any player that fits the criteria for that evo. I’ve done ness, rak sakyi will become 77 rated when finished and I’ve also got Karoy Anderson at 77 on the bench. 

Anyway, any other players that I should be including in this? They have to be in the game obviously so current players or the icon cards. I’m buzzing to be able to get Alfie mays card upgraded at some point too as he’s only 68 rated currently. 


  • Oh, the game. When I saw the thread title, I thought the august body that does such a magnificent job of running our sport had changed its name.
  • Harry Arter’s still at Forest
  • Coquelin is one of the more obvious ones, he has a RTTK card too
  • Ah yeah I did see coquelin but missed his sbc unfortunately. 

    Anyone else got a Charlton team on the go? 
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