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RIP Joss Ackland

The veteran actor has died aged 95. Good innings as they say. RIP Sir. 


  • Good character actor.
  • a TV regular during the 80s & 90s, a 'reassuring' actor somehow .. R I P
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    Played the role of Jerry Westerby in the BBC adaptation of Tinker Tailor superbly

    Appeared in a mind boggling list of films and tv shows 

    RIP a fine actor 
  • Great actor loved him in bill and teds...RIP
  • Some actors are difficult to picture when their name is mentioned. Joss Ackland wasn't one of them.

  • Will always remember him for just a small part in the film The Hunt for Red October where he plays the Russian Ambassador. His voice is so distinctive. 

  • Will always be remembered for…………

    ’Diplomatic immunity!’

    Then being shot by Danny Glover whilst saying, ‘it’s just been revoked’.

  • RIP - especially the Spunky backpack
  • Liked his appearance sitting on the back seat in the Pet Shop Boys video for "you were always on my mind".
  • A fabulous actor with a wonderful voice. RIP.
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  • Wondetful thespian.  RIP

    Not thesbian,  I Googled to check.
  • Great actor whose career never got bogged down in one type of role, an awesome bad guy in 90s action films but an incredible comic actor as well.
  • RIP

    He was very versatile.

    Interestingly he played Péron in the original London version of Evita with David Essex and Elaine Paige.
  • Ah what a shame. RIP Joss
  • I'm sure there's many on here that (with many RIP threads) are not familiar with the name, but recognise the face, so can I suggest in future that if you're starting a RIP thread, post a picture?

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