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Showing respect - well done all

Of all the grounds we could have been at round the country today, it was a pleasure being at Portsmouth with its Navy links for Armistice Day. 

A full house and an extremely boisterous away end, yet absolutely impeccably observed by every single person in a near 20,000 crowd. 

Well done all and we’ll done Pompey for marking it so well 👏


  • Two clubs with close links to the armed services.
  • Was at the dockyards for the 11am silence which was a great place to be. 
    Frustratingly I was in the naff concourse bit at Fratton when the silence happened so didn't get that experience but could hear how well respected it was.
  • Have seen a few games in the last couple of weeks mainly on TV and at our place against Bolton, and with the exception of a couple of morons against Bolton shouting "free Palestine" they have all been impeccable.
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