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Get well guys

While time hasn’t been kind to us in the look’s department we always had our health, sadly as we age together more and more parts seem to wear out, fall off or just fail completely.
Meeting @DaveStorry and @Redmidland through this forum won’t be the greatest romcom never made, but they were always there when I needed them most and that’s what mates do.
We don’t live near each other nor phone each every week, but we are there when someone else wants them.
Get well Gentlemen, I miss you both. xx
*photos through the years*


  • @TCE thank you mate. We 3 have a unique friendship for the last few years.The photo of the 3 of us, at that special day at Wembley, brings back great memories.
    Myself and @DaveStorry have huge fights on our hands, but I'm convinced we will both prevail, and a pint or 2 will be sunk at The Valley before the end of the season.

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