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John Michael Harrison

I recently sought information about the other Danny Mills and received great help from several CL contributors. The information was needed as I am now at an advanced stage writing volume 2 of 'The Valiant 1000' and am struggling with a number of names from Charlton's glorious past. Now here is a tough one for you.

Who can remember John Harrison, (known as Fred, if my memory serves me right). He played 5 League and 1 League Cup match in 1975-76 when Andy Nelson was manager, played on the right wing and scored the winner at Nottingham Forest on his debut. His problem was not lack of ability but lack of height, being a shade under 5' 3'' which put him at a great disadvantage in the days when football was a good deal more physical than today. He was born in Stepney, not New Eltham as has been claimed elsewhere and after leaving Charlton in March 1977 (still only aged 19), played for Dartford (1977-78), Hayes (1978-79) and then Walthamstow Avenue and Barking (mid 8o's). After that I know nothing about him.

Does anybody have any additional information or know where he is now . He is aged 64 and may even be your next door neighbour. Any help will be gratefully received , as usual.


  • All I can say isI remember seeing him play.
    He was tiny.
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    I remember him playing too. Appreciate that you will have seen these pictures and contributed to the article but a few dated pictures to help those who might recognise him now

    Valiant 1000 update and request for info on some past players  Charlton  Life

    2nd working down in left column and below Mike Flanagan

    Name the players  Charlton Life

    At Hayes

    Hayes  Yeading United FC The Official Website
  • seth plum said:
    All I can say isI remember seeing him play.
    He was tiny.
  • I remember him coming up against Steve Foster, the gobby, egotistical headband wearing old Brighton centre half, getting flattened in the tackle and as they got up Foster patted him on the head like he was  a little boy.
    Foster owned him and I remember thinking right then he was way too small and skinny to make it
  • What is the other Danny Mills up to these days?
  • About 25 years ago someone told me he knew JH, and at the time he was working as  dustman in Hackney. The trail goes cold after that unfortunately.... 
  • I saw him play.  One game was against Coventry, who had big Larry Lloyd at centre half. On the wing for some reason, little Johnny stuck the ball past him and ran through (!) his legs before he could turn. I have never seen that before or since! Everyone was laughing about it. he was a good player, but too small sadly...
  • 48 years on and still failing the CL height test
  • He had a very good night at the London Fiveasides one year.
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  • 48 years on and still failing the CL height test
    At one time we had Warman, Peacock, Dunphy, Bowman and Hunt all in the same side - half the outfield at about 5' 8'' or less. Just would not happen nowadays. 
  • I have a vague memory of him scoring a spectacular goal for the reserves which went in off the post. I think he flicked the ball over someone’s head and then hit it sweetly on the half volley. About 60% confident of my facts.
  • Remember him well a tricky little fellow who was so slim and small....not sure what happened to him after he left.
  • Chizz said:
    iaitch said:
    He had a very good night at the London Fiveasides one year.
    30 April 1975 

    Charlton's squad was 
    Graham Tutt 
    John Harrison 
    Mike Flanagan 
    Richie Bowman 
    Keith Peacock 
    (Bob Curtis and David Young were named in the squad, but didn't take part) 

    Round one - bye 
    Rpound two - Arsenal 1-2 Charlton 
    Semi Final - QPR 5-6 Charlton 
    Final - Millwall 3-5 Charlton 
    Was just going to mention above ..funnily enough often you come across players in training/5 a sides who look like world beaters but just can't translate that on the bigger pitch be it size, aggression, application, stamina etc 
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