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Charlie Methven on New Independent Football Regulator-CAFC site

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There are a lot of experts on this site that might have opinions on this, both the rules and/or CM's intrepretation.

My comments would be

1) when 8 under 21 players get older and progress to becoming part of the clubs (measured under SCMP) player wage bill - we will hit a brick wall requiring a massive cash injection. (Assuming that they haven't been sold.....)

2) We have several injured players/out of form players who command a high wage, we are carrying a large dead weight in the wages which is not productive. So we look like a high spending club - and we ARE. But this money is wasted. Let me be clear this is not the fault of the players- it's the fault of the owners/managers that wanted those players and were over generous in salaries and length of contract in their attempts to get them. 

As always I always add - I know nothing- just an interested observer


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