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Good morning
where is the best place to park........ is PC world still out of the question?
see you all later :-)


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    edited September 2023
    I used to park in the Streets (Meridian Road) the other side of Charlton Village / Charlton Park

    Meant a walk up Charlton Church Lane, and through the Park itself, but allowed me to drive down Shooters Hill Road (once I could get out on to it), joining the A2 at the Sun in the Sands.

    Was ideal for me driving up from Kent, but would get there around 1:30ish
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    My only comment is to make sure you park in a marked bay and if close to the Ground  make sure the bay is not "Suspended" (look for the yellow stickers)

    Oh.....and bays with bins/wood/police cones/angry residents across them should be avoided at all cost.
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    Any updates regarding where to park today please? 
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