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Charlton Live - Look back at Newport and ahead to Posh - live here at 7pm


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    Pretty depressing show.
    The optimism from a week ago has quickly gone down the tubes.
    Concerns about the injury list, again being muted as just 'one of those things.'
    But it keeps happening. Someone on here questioned the merits of our strength and conditioning set up and I have to agree. It is getting beyond a joke now. Someone is continuing  to manage these players badly.

    And then on to the transfer window. From Methven telling us we have substantially wealthy backers who are going to let their actions do the talking. The panel hardly sounded convinced from their notion that little money will be spent and that we'll be praying for some form of saviours from the loan market, as well as playing Payne up top with May!!
    I honestly thought those days were over.
    The Charlton live gang don't seem to think so
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