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You know how sometimes you get a song going round and round in your head..... well this morning when I woke up I had only a name doing the rounds.......Kwame Ampedu. The name wasn't known to my conscious memory, I didn't even know if it was a name but there it was in my Googled it. Turns out he does exist, he's an ex footballer but with no apparent Charlton connection so either
1 I am going mad
2 I have had a premonition of some kind and we are getting a new coach at the training ground or
3 Hopefully someones mentioned him on here and the names stuck and Im not going mad.

Can anyone help?


  • I remember him at Leyton Orient
  • His son has just joined Leeds from Chelsea
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  • Page 276 of the rumours thread. Ampadu (correctly spelt) mentioned in regard to Exeter. His father is Kwame.

    Also Ampadu is mentioned in several other threads on here. (No need for Google:)
  • Thank Gawd for that!
  • Nargh. I prefer, you’re going mad🤡
  • Nargh. I prefer, you’re going mad🤡
    Good job you are not a Dr then!
  • Hal1x said:
    Nargh. I prefer, you’re going mad🤡
    Good job you are not a Dr then!
    Trust me, I am a Doctor.
  • He owns 3% of the club.
  • Its a weird thing the brain, cant understand why I would wake up with a name that I didn't consciously know embedded in me head. To be frank I would have been much happier if it had been the 6 lottery numbers plus the bonus ball.
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