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RIP George Alagiah

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Sad news about the brilliant, engaging BBC journalist George Alagiah who has passed away, nine years after being diagnosed with cancer.  George was 67. He was among the best of us. 


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    his daughter went to school with my sister. Was a gent and fought his illness with great dignity. RIP.
  • Already a thread on this.
    He was 67 btw.
  • I think Clive's thread and this one were posted at very similar times.  In any case, RIP George Alagiah. 
  • 3rd thread up now
  • Apologies- posted at the same time. 
  • RIP George
  • RIP
  • Very sad.
     I liked the guy.
  • Ah no, that's a shame. Always seemed to have gravitas without being too doom and gloom when reading the news. RIP George.
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  • Very sad news after a brave and dignified fight against this shit disease. RIP George.
  • Newsreaders become like a family member, you see them on an almost daily basis.  They help us through traumatic events and join us in our celebrations, so when let's us down, by doing a Huw, we are shocked and we mourn their passing as acutely as any celebrity.  RIP to a giant of his profession.
  • RIP.  The obvious emotion shown by his colleagues on hearing the news is testimony to how highly they regarded him both as a presenter and a person.
  • Just had a lovely tribute to him on 1pm news. Very moving. A well respected and lovely man. 
  • This is so sad.
    This fecking disease.
    RIP 💔
  • RIP. I was convinced I saw him in the o2 bar for The Who concert a couple of weeks ago. Obviously wasn't him.
  • RIP. Good journalist lost
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  • Rest in peace George
  • Sad news RIP George.
  • My all time favourite new reader. 

    Clearly a much loved, well respected, lovely man who will be sorely missed.

    Sleep tight, George. 
  • RIP George
  • Just had a lovely tribute to him on 1pm news. Very moving. A well respected and lovely man. 

    Clive Myrie almost in tears.

  • fought well against cancer for quite a long time, a sad loss  R I P
  • RIP George.
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