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The contract situation of our players

Saw this today so thought I'd post it here in case it was of interest.

The contract state of play for every Charlton Athletic player: Departures likely in 2024 - The72

Cheers all.


  • I would be tying George up on a longer term contract straightaway. 

    Kirk and Mr Sprained toe getting out of bed.... until 2025 geez....
  • That's  10 that might need replacing then. Maybe a couple of contract extensions in there & a couple might be offered a new one (and may sign) so we might get lucky with only having to replace 7 or 8. Then there will be the obligatory 4 or 5 loanees that will come & go. So will have to be replaced.

    So yet another summer rechurn in 12 months time. And people wonder why I moaned that 2 of the NEW signings this summer only got a 1 year deal... 

  • We’ll need to replace that many 24/25 after we’re promoted.
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    compare the shirt numbers allocated last season to the numbers soon to be issued .. I make it eleven issued with a squad number last season have left, including, loanees .. player turnover all over English pro football gets bigger every year ..  EFL clubs in the lower divisions now grant short term contracts to players as a hedge either against promotion or relegation or indeed in case the player turns out to be a dud .. just a look through recent signings and departures on the BBC website indicates that some clubs are looking at a 60/70% player turnover .. we are lucky in that we have an academy that regularly provides a potential star or two, thing is we need to get them into the first team more quickly to avoid unnecessary signings .. Holden's Babes  :)

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