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Season ticket sales pitch … ‘beating the queue for the these all important cup matches!’


  • That has to have been written by artificial (un)intelligence. It's far too peppy, give it a few years and it'll be as broken as we are.
  • .....or they're on drugs ?
  • Forgot Newport County 😎
  • Wow ! 
    Written by someone with no understanding of Charlton, the competition or football?
    It’s quite extraordinary 
  • Wankers running the club.
    Just get this takeover sorted 
  • I always dreamed of the day I would beat the queues for a ticket against Sutton.
  • This sort of marketing points to lack of intelligence more than anything else and makes the club look stupid (but so few will read it, who cares?). A big fat fail. 
  • Or someone in the marketing team with a very dry sense of humour
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  • The amount of emails etc sent to ‘push’ season tickets has been extraordinary. We all want ‘communication’ from the club, but this is ridiculous. When we are at such a low ebb, the only way season ticket sales will rise will be with some positivity ie some good signings, new contracts, signs of stability on and off the pitch, good people employed in key positions, new owners with ambition etc. NOT Crawley away tickets in the Mickey Mouse cup ! 
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