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Any BT broadband engineers on here? Advice required

So I came home from work today and my Internet is completely down. The hub box is just flashing purple. I did all the advised stuff, resetting the hub etc checked all the wires and stuff.

 My landlines still works, it is plugged into the same outlet as the broadband it's like a double thing if that makes sense so I know its not that.  

Called BT, after 45 minutes trying to explain to the guy on the help line and about a million times telling the guy all the stuff he was suggesting I'd already tried but doing it all again just for him before he ordained that I was worthy of an engineer call out - apparently the soonest I can get is next Thursday (ffs) 

My neighbour about 4 doors down had an issue about a month ago and apparently after talking to him I found out when the engineer came (after a week again) he didn't even go into his house but went straight to the box outside and sorted it.

I explained this on the phone to BT and just got some platitudes and he didn't really seem to be listening to me.

So my question (sorry for the long windedness) I'd happily reach out and pay a few quid to an engineer out of hours to have a look to get it sorted a bit sooner, could it just be the old hub that the connection has worn down? Maybe the cable? Or would I be better off just sitting it out and waiting because the chances are the issue is the same as my neighbours? 

Also if there is an issue with the connections on this outside box doesn't  BT have an obligation to look at it rather than waiting for each individual household that are hooked up to it to have an issue to sort it?

Any advice would be appreciated. 


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    Hi MM. The flashing purple light would indicate a problem with your broadband connection. Based on the description of your set-up it sounds like you have a traditional copper connection line and you have a filter (the double thing you describe) which splits the analogue voice connection (your phone) and the digital signal (your broadband).

    It’s not uncommon for the broadband connection to go down but the voice service still be operational. It sounds like you have done the traditional turn it off and on again actions but had no joy. My advice would be to try and replace the cables and filter if you have a spare. If that doesn’t work you have narrowed the issue down to either the router itself or a fault external to your property- in these situations it’s invariably an external issue.

    Openreach own and maintain the physical network so it will be their engineers who’ll pick up the fault for BT. If you’re lucky it may be part of a wider fault effecting more than just you - in these cases it may be fixed sooner. If not I’m afraid you’ll be stuck waiting on your appointment.

    Do check your router from time to time - it’s not unknown for things to burst back into life when other work is carried out in the network.

    Hope this helps.
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    Do you have the NTE5c box/faceplate? Often has Master Socket 5c on it. If so try removing the front plate (just pinch either side and pull forward) and plug straight into the back, you'll need a filter. If it has screws just unscrew the face plate and go straight into the back, that'll eliminate the face plate, whilst not common they do go wrong from time to time especially if they get knocked.

    Assume you've checked coverage for your area that nothings down?

    Also assume you are connected to the main incoming line and not an extension?

    PS, if you can try a different cable from router to BT faceplate just to eliminate that.
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