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Bradford Fire- 38 years ago today

A memorial service has been held to mark the 38th anniversary of the Bradford City fire in which 56 people died.

The disaster happened as Bradford City played Lincoln City at Valley Parade in the Bantams' final home game of the season on 11 May 1985.

As a result of the fire, 54 Bradford City fans and two Lincoln City supporters lost their lives.

The service took place at the Bradford City Fire Memorial sculpture in Centenary Square.


  • Two future players of Charlton Steve Thompson and George Shipley played in that match. 
    Can still see news coverage in my head.

  • Stacey West stand...(away end..I think) named after the two Lincoln fans who died.
  • At sincil bank 
  • I was 13 when I watched this unfolding and it’s the first major news story that really affected me. I cried and cried and cried in a way that I don’t think I ever had before. I can still remember an old guy who didn’t even realise his back was on fire and people rushing up to him to put it out. 
  • Awful was at Dunfermline v Stranraer when that happened. I am sure we were at Man City that day. 
  • Yep I was at Man City that day 48k there to see them promoted as we lamely lost 5-1
    it was unbelievably gutting hearing the news getting back on the coach that day having minutes earlier being surrounded by City fans singing ‘loyal supporters’ to us swapping scarves and I think even a ‘we love you Charlton’  
  • An event that lives long in the memory even though I was ten at the time.  The real time video of the events unfolding is still used occasionally by fire services to demonstrate fire growth.  Not pleasant
  • Still recall the picture 9f the poor man whose head was on fire, I am sure he survived but just awful

    RIP to all those who sadly lost their lives and best wishes to those still living with this nightmare. 
  • Stacey West stand...(away end..I think) named after the two Lincoln fans who died.
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  • Boom said:
    Stacey West stand...(away end..I think) named after the two Lincoln fans who died.
    William Stacey age 72 and
    William James West age 78

    Four Minutes to Hell , 
    The Story of the Bradford City Fire written by 
    Paul Firth.
  • Like others I still have the tv images of that disaster in my head.
    One or two people with their hair alight.

  • It was just an awful time. I grew up in Bradford, was there for the match before, and saw the fire. Just terrible. It was an old wooden stand that just went up and the bitter irony was that it had been intended to be it's last ever game ;- the steel to build a brand new stand was sat in that car park behind it. Nobody of my era from the city will ever forget where they were when they heard the news.
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