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Charlton Supporters nearing three quarters of a million in number?

Those fans who have seen the latest CAST new bulletin will know that American Football Strategies Group (FSG) led by Mark Spiegel (in discussion with TS about investment in the club)
have produced an investment presentation document called Project Floyd.

In this document, the claim is made that there are 600,000 Charlton supporters in London alone!  
If one were to accept that figure then the number of Charlton supporters in the rest of the home counties outside Greater London, plus those further afield could surely see the figure getting closer to three-quarters of a million.

The population of Cheltenham is about 120,000.  If 'we' all turned up in the town on Sunday the 7th of May then 'we' would outnumber their population by around 6 to 1.

If the Project Floyd document analyses, graphs, and tables were to ever be used in a submission to EFL scrutiny can you imagine the howls of laughter?
Who was it who said 'There are three kinds of lies, lies, damn lies and statistics'?

This even goes way beyond Katrien Meire's claim at the time that only 2% of Charlton supporters disapproved of Roland Duchatelet.

The club has attracted its fair share of crooks in recent years - now we have to contend with idiots it seems!


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