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Oldest Junior Red who still goes?

Bob Petty was asking


  • Mrs AFKA won’t thank me, but suspect it might be her!  

    Funny enough, we found her Membership card (expiry date 31st July 1987) the other day. Don’t know when JR started but she would have been one of the oldest then. 
  • The Junior Reds was founded at the end of 1984/1985 season.

    A trip to Wembley Stadium for a tour of the old ground was run for a number of young members not too long after that. 

    One of the very first newsletters had a list of those who went that day 
  • Bob and Mrs AFKA are both usually in Crossbars pre match - do they recognise each other ?
  • Alan Honey was one of the people who help set up the Junior Reds and also organise the mascots on match day. He also wrote articles about them in the match day programme.

    As for when it started , before we left The Valley.  Alan would have written about it the home programmed. Unable to. Find my copy’s at the moment.
  • I think I first joined in 88/89 if I remember right 
  • My daughter became a JR in 1990 and was a mascot in 1994
  • Son does - but a bit later  (1993 born)
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    I was  JR, born in 1979, but I don't think I count as still going 
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    I was number 104 (I think). Joined at the start of 85 / 86 season. 
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  • I joined at the start of 85/86
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  • I I would have joined 84/85 proper Charlton fruit , I’m 53 in July , Saysomething and PBS are older , they may have joined , possibly Threadkiller 
  • 87/88 for me and have my JR laminated cards in a tin somewhere with my half STs. Half ST at Christmas was always top of the list.
  • So 52 / 53 feels about the right age for the oldest 
  • So 52 / 53 feels about the right age for the oldest 
    It almost makes you feel young doesn't it 
  • Missed out by 1 season -  turned 16 in 85 - still bitter to this very day 🙂
  • 1984/85 sounds about right as I thought I was a Junior Red then. Haven’t a clue if I can prove it, although I have had a season ticket since that season (or a couple previous)
  • I enrolled my two lads into the JR in time for the return to the Valley game. 

    With me as their associate member it bumped us up the pecking order enough to attend the game - Sneaky eh?  My younger son must have been one of the youngest in the ground that day at age just six.  We didn't become season ticket holders until the Premiership came along, but have renewed every season since.

    Actually I have three kids - the eldest saw his first game at Selhurst Park, the youngest at Upton Park and my daughter at the Valley.
  • I’m wondering who the oldest Old Fart Red is.
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  • Son does - but a bit later  (1993 born)
    A stellar vintage of Junior Reds!
  • I I would have joined 84/85 proper Charlton fruit , I’m 53 in July , Saysomething and PBS are older , they may have joined , possibly Threadkiller 
    Yeah I joined then as well. Seem to recall a Woolwich building society account with a pound in it was opened for you and it was a way to prove your age to get in at kids rate.
    I don’t qualify the thread though as I rarely go anymore and @ThreadKiller is way older than me.
  • I joined early 90s.  I’ll never forget a trip to the baseball ground around 96 around 96 maybe when they’d organised for us to play some Derby young’uns in what is similar to the modern day 5 a side pitches.  I brought a friend along with me who didn’t support Charlton.  I think the idea was everyone should get minutes etc as we weren’t a proper team doing this on every away trip, it was a one off.  Whoever was ‘managing us’ literally gave me about 2 mins before the ref finished the game.  I think the kid I was with and all the others got at least 10.  I would’ve been around 13/14, depending on what year it was (95/96).  A great memory.  Bastards  😂😂
  • I’m 53, wasn’t regularly going then plus there’s no way our Dad was paying for JR for me 😳🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I had to wait until I got a part time job & then I was too old 😩😩😩🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • I was a JR from day 1 I believe - however I'm only 48
  • I was a JR from day 1 I believe - however I'm only 48
    I wasn't from day 1, but I'm older...
  • Junior Reds first meeting it would appear was the open day at The Valley 11th August 1985.

    By the time we played are last match at The Valley against Stoke City membership was well over 500 juniors.

    Some of the youngest members were listed as 
    Mark Rogers , Andrew Walker,Shane O,Sullivan ,Rachel Gee and Katie Nieszwiec.
    All info from program v Stoke City 21-9-1985.

    written by Alan Horner which should have read Alan Honey.
  • I was a Junior Red from the start. I'm now 50.

    I was one of those who came on the pitch at Selhurst for our first match in Division One for 29 years against Sheff Weds. Anyone else on here do that?

    I have a membership card No1 hidden away somewhere.
  • Loved the JR days… some proper fun times, met some great pals too
  • I was also a Junior red, I scored passed Rob Lee who went in goal at a Charlton open day at the training ground in 87
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