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POST-MATCH THREAD: Milton Keynes Dons vs Charlton Athletic | Tuesday 18th April 2023 | KO 7:45 PM

Charlton bounced back from their thrashing at the weekend with a good performance to take all three points and end MKDs seven game unbeaten run. Dobbo and Rak-Sakyi combined to put Jack Payne through to finish a great bit of passing play to put the Addicks ahead. And if you were lucky enough to catch the livestream, you’d have experienced the dulcet tones of former manager Karl Robinson.

That’s all folks!

MKD 0 Charlton 1

Over to you.


  • Despite my Bruvs YTS assistant, I enjoyed that 😊
  • Might be because I'm here and freezing but I thought we were fairly poor, MK were awful.

    Pleased with the 3 points and the 2/1 odds I got before the match, but ill struggle to get too excited about that performance 
  • Very good performance, at times played them off the park, please don't re-sign Innis for next season. 
  • Wait MK were on a 7 game unbeaten run?!
  • 2nd half so much better than 1st, especially 55-85 minutes. Everyone stood up to be counted in that period. 
  • Only clean sheet win in the league

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  • Thought on the whole we were very good tonight. 

    Probably should have scored more during our dominant phases in the 1st and 2nd half, but it shows good character from the players and staff to grind out a 1-0 away win after the dross we churned out Saturday.
  • Footballs a funny old game reading some of these comments. 

    Live half an hour away from MK, turned up 10 mins late, left 10 mins early. Absolutely shocking game of football and I am usually rose tinted. MK were awful, we were marginally better. 

    Fair play to you hardy lot travelling back down to SE London after watching that dross! 
  • I am usually relatively sanguine towards referees but I thought he was poor, maybe he wasn't consciously biased towards the home team, but he definitely seemed at the very least unconsciously so.
    It was another disjointed game like Bristol Rovers away, but this time we scored a very good goal first and they fell apart except for when they made the changes.
    If only we could sustain the good bits for longer and dominate more convincingly.
    Incidentally I voted for Dobbo as player of the year, and it is displays like tonight, like he has shown all season that convince me of the rightness of my choice.
  • Totally forgot the game was on. A win’s a win. 
  • Valley11 said:
    Holden on Charlton TV
    Really like him and apart from Ipswich we’ve been very decent and play with purpose.
    Get the takeover done, give him some money and the players he wants this summer and we’ll defo have a shot next season. 
        Totally agree with you Valley 11.
        Holden with the right backing could be a great
        Manager, we played well tonight in the second   
        Half, earned 3 points and a clean sheet and I 
        Am amazed we did not score more than one 
        Goal tonight 👍👍
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  • Not been following tonight, but just looked at the lineups. Can't believe Lewington is still Playing!
  • I am pleased to have watched if only to see George Dobson who is it seems to me is our only consistent and hardworking player.
    Payne looked great tonight but he might next just crawl back into the woodwork.
    Albie Morgan and Fraser played quite well but can we rely on them next season?
    Rak Saki is an enigma for me. Why does he have to always be on the right and cut inside? It's so predictable. Also his crosses are not dangerous enough. Get him down the left, onto the byline and putting in decent crosses for Leaburn to get some power in a header. 
    Hector stood out - I saw the evidence of what has been reported on here.

    All in all, I was glad that we weren't totally shit. However we could have easily thrown away two points at the end. We had a good 2nd half period of 25 minutes but we don't have enough cutting edge.
  • The plaudits for Payne scoring the winner don't seem to align with the venom he received getting sent off, late in a win.
  • A word for the ref. Or rather a few words. WTF was that, ref?? 
  • If we lost tonight, I agree with what DH said, things would have festered. Thought it was ok. Payne played well and took his goal superbly. I for one like Sean Clare. Think we look better with him in the side. Some pride restored. Need to win the last three games now. I think DH is a decent manager. We all know that he needs to be backed and a lot of investment in the squad is needed. Thats the worry as without this I think our reputation is tarnished and attracting quality players will be nigh on impossible. Looking forward to the summer now. UTA.
  • Pretty dull affair. Played ok. MK Dons were appalling. Please never subject us to Robinson on the commentary ever again. Good finish from Payne. One good and one very good save from AMB. No one particularly stood out. Will never change my opinion of Stadium MK. Souless dump. Looked like there was about 3/4k in the ground max.
  • Leuth said:
    Karl Robinson purring about Albie Morgan for 90 minutes. Incredible vibe, I for one enjoyed it 
    Personally, I thought Morgan was decent as was everyone else today.
    But I couldn't understand why Robbo was raving about Morgan.
    He ran around a lot, but still gave the ball away, didn't follow his man enough and couldn't keep a corner kick on the pitch etc.
  • Thought it was an instantly forgettable game, 
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