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MATCH THREAD : Bristol Rovers Vs Charlton Athletic : Good Friday 7th April 2023 : KO 3.00 Pm



  • 8' An early chance for Leaburn! He flicks Rak-Sakyi's cross just wide of the far post.
  • Oggy Red said:

    Much as I like that front three, would like to see Kanu starting...

    Instead of who, though?

    Rak-Sakyi and Leaburn are in great form, key involvement with assists and goals. On the left side Campbell is doing his job steadily and quite a handful at times, again well involved. And all 3 are working well together.

    There's not really a place for Kanu right now, except from the bench.

    I know JRS is on form,and we all know what he can do, but he ain't here next year and we very much are here next year without him, so just be good to give Kanu a few games rather like Campbell, that's all really...
    Campbell has got his chance only because Curbs' favourite Cory Blackett ;) is out injured.

    And although, like you, I look forward to Kanu getting his chance, he's likely to have to wait a bit longer.
    He's still very raw and right now, our forward line is inexperienced and young enough as it is.

    Holden is trying to build momentum and team spirit, obviously with directive to finish the season in the top 10 - and is picking his best team available, which naturally includes a bang in form JRS. Leaburn is irreplaceable in this current squad. Kanu will get his chance sooner or later, whenever circumstances permit, no doubt.
  • Dobson covers and snuffed out the danger as usual. 

  • 11' Bright move from the Gas but the ball ricochets off Finley for a goal-kick.

  • 12' Another nice Rovers passing move ends with an offside flag.
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    MK 0 Pompey 1
  • Rovers going forward threateningly & Dobson stops them again. 
    1. 14'

      Post update

      Corner, Charlton Athletic. Conceded by Luca Hoole.

  • First corner of the game to us leads to nothing, very slow start from both sides, but we showing some nice touches
  • 15' Tidy play from Bogarde and Sinclair win the Gas a corner, which Evans will take.
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  • 16' Connolly meets it at the near post but it goes over the bar. The ground applauds for our number 16

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    20' Ward blocks behind for a Charlton corner.
  • We are slowly getting on top here, another corner from Morgan again nothing but we are looking settled
    1. 21'

      Post update

      Corner, Charlton Athletic. Conceded by Grant Ward.

    1. 22'

      Post update

      Corner, Charlton Athletic. Conceded by Lewis Gibson.

  • Chance of an early cross from Morgan who takes a touch too many and it goes out for a goal kick
  • Rovers mounting pressure until Dobson wins the ball again. 
  • Where are all the contributors?
    1. 26'

      Post update

      Sam Finley (Bristol Rovers) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

  • Exeter 0 Bolton 1
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  • JRS on a run intothe box, just a bit too heavy touch and the chance is lost, but Rovers are getting opened up with some good pressing from us
  • Budapest 
  • Oh Albie….
  • Fraser & Dobson both winning back possession. 
  • ross1 said:
    Where are all the contributors?
    I'm here @ross1 ...... but I'm not able to watch the stream.

  • 28' A timely intervention from Gibson stops Rak-Sakyi in his tracks, before Belly charges out of his box to complete the clearance.
  • 29' Hoole heads clear for an Addicks corner.
  • Shrews 0 Posh 1
  • Scrufty scrufty
  • JRS and Campbell finding some  early openings, def getting the better of them, 
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