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Charlton live this week

Dean Holden refers to some bad mouthing of players on twitter. What’s that all about?


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    Hi mate - it was a misunderstand relating to Dean's comments at the fans' forum regarding "not signing dickheads"

    We then used the phrase on the show last week as sort of the word of the week (not aimed at anyone in particular, just in general). One of the players assumed we just started calling the team dickheads out of nowhere and took exception to it. Dean understands the context and was winding us up about it. No harm done.
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    That’s good to hear. I know we live with it but social media is such an easy thing to get wrong. 
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    That’s good to hear. I know we live with it but social media is such an easy thing to get wrong. 
        Love your CL name. He was my first football hero when I was a lad. 
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    edited April 2023
    A player assumed folk were calling the team ‘dickheads’ and took exception to it.
    I am sure it didn’t happen, but in some form or another at different times players and whole teams can be castigated.
    However scrutiny is a world football folk enter when the want to play the game and have people buy tickets to watch them. Players will wallow in and milk adulation when it happens, they will acknowledge good support, but should the poor loves have it only one way?
    If players can’t take the rough with the smooth should they be playing?
    Dean Holden in the very good Charlton Live programme majored big time on confidence, his own when playing, and when dealing with the fragility of players, but if their agents demand good compensation for what they do, then handling criticism is part of what we are paying for.
    One player of the recent times was Andy Hughes who always seemed to have the attitude ‘bollocks, let’s get on with it’. 
    Additionally Holden praised Albie Morgan for letting setbacks go, and getting on with the next thing.
    Some players are dickheads in the way they conduct themselves anyway.
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    Never saw him play but my dad did and named me after him. Just the Stuart bit though they changed it to Stewart for some reason. 
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