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Paul O’Grady RIP

I liked Paul, always appeared a genuine and caring guy, except when he was Lilly Savage. RIP Paul


  • Wow .. that’s shocking news to wake up to. RIP
  • Very sad news, far too young. Will be very much missed.

  • RIP

    Savage news.
  • Used to see him all the time around Shad Thames where he used to live. Usually walking a dog. He was always getting approached and stopped by the public but never seemed to get annoyed by it or ignore people. Would always have a smile and quick chat. Seemed a decent bloke and pretty funny. 
  • RIP Paul 
  • Sad news. Liked his Radio 2 Show. RIP Paul
  • Very sad. Liked him as a presenter and found Lily Savage very funny.
  • Rest in Peace Paul, thanks for all the great work you’ve done for animal charities. 
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  • RIP. 67 isn't really old at all.
  • Very sad

  • A top top guy.
    RIP Paul
  • A thoroughly decent human being.  RIP
  • So sad. Such a lovely guy. :'(<3
  • Just heard that on the radio, bit of  a shock, I liked him always came over as a very decent bloke, good on Radio 2 RIP.
  • Very sad.  He was a lovely man.
    Eternal rest grant unto him.
  • That's sad news, seemed like such a genuine bloke. RIP Paul. 
  • One of the good guys.

    RIP Paul
  • RIP Paul - a good man.
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  • Sad news.
    He cared about animals.
  • What a legend, came across as genuinely lovely on the radio and Lily reminds me of a simpler time where people weren’t bent out of shape about drag queens appearing on television. 
  • RIP Paul
  • RIP
  • Always struck me as a genuinely nice man. RIP
  • Very sad - he loved animals, particularly dogs, so he ticked the box for me for that alone - always enjoyed watching and listening to him, and he came across as a very sincere and kind man, with a wicked sense of humour - when he spoke to the dogs on his Battersea TV show, always brought a smile to my face

  • He was a funny chap, happened to speak with him outside waitrose in hythe after some kids were trying to be funny...I said to him that he must get tired of comments like that and he said as deadpan as anything that 'contraception is a wonderful thing'!  Brilliant

    By the way he was always impeccably dressed whenever we saw him. 

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