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Saving an important Victoria Cross for the nation

I was at RAF Museum, Hendon last night, and I was incredibly moved by the story of this very brave man

Arthur Scarf was awarded the VC for an act of immense bravery in WW2 - the story is here 

Particularly moving, as he died of his wounds at the hospital where his pregnant wife worked as a nurse

His VC and other medals have been sold at auction, with the VC selling for a world record amount to an overseas buyer - the Government have put an export ban on it leaving the UK until 30th April this year

RAF Museum are trying raise funds to match the amount it sold for, and keep it in the UK

They are now close to getting to the amount, just one final push needed - I donated this morning

The link to donate is here 


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    edited March 2023
    Personally I cant see the point of paying a lot of money to keep a medal in a cabinet. Perhaps thats my failing. I am sure £800k could do a lot of good to someone. Not denigrating the heroics of the person concerned, but the family have already received the money presumably and I don't understand how it harms the nation by not having it.
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    I'm surprised lord Ashcroft didn't buy it. He usually does.
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    Off_it said:
    I'm surprised lord Ashcroft didn't buy it. He usually does.
    Just seen that one person has donated £410k of the £480k raised so far, so that was probably him!
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