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RIP Mick Slattery

Hawkwind's Mick Slattery has died at the age of 75, seen Hawkwind play loads of times always had big respect for the way they would turn up & play for free 
Stonehenge was one that always sticks out 
Playing Spirit of the age at sunrise
Rest Easy Mick


  • Massive fan of Hawkwind back in the 70’s, have their first six or seven albums and saw them a number of times.  

    Their last few albums took me back to them again.  

  • RIP.
    The number of free and benefit gigs played by Hawkwind often in tandem with the Pink Fairies is legend.
    There was a brief time when culture was not completely corporate.
    I would argue both bands had a ‘punk’ attitude, certainly the Fairies whose soundman/roadie Dave ‘boss’ Goodman went on to produce early Sex Pistols stuff.
    Mick Slattery was of that generation and era when the artists and audiences decided what’s what, and things weren’t decided for them by big business.
  • RIP. Another rocker gone,  inevitable and sad times indeed.
  • RIP Mick. Hurry on Sundown is still on my listening list.
  • I was a big fan of Hawkwind. RIP. 
  • RIP 
  • Massive fan of Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies.  

    Mick did well to grow relatively old bones, given the track record and the lifestyle they led: Bob Calvert, Huw Lloyd Langton, Lemmy and I've probably missed a couple.  Nik Turner at least made 82.  I was on the way to a Bob Calvert gig when it was cancelled because he'd died and we went to see Larry Wallace at Dingwall's instead.
  • seen them about 30 times since 1985s Chronicle of the Black Sword gig at Hammersmith 

    my favourite band by a mile.

    going to see them next month at Indigo in the O2. They’re dropping like flies so need to watch Captain Brock as much as possible while I can.

    RIP Mick from Band X. 
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