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MLS 2023

MLS kicks off again this Saturday.

The format has never been so laughable. The number of teams that qualify for the playoffs has now been expanded to 9 from each conference. Teams will therefore play 34 games in the regular season to eliminate just 38% of the teams.

The first round of the playoffs has also introduced a 'best of 3' format like we see in other US sports.

We also have a new team this year (number 29). St Louis SC. Did they win the USL to achieve this position? Of course not. The MLS Cartel was bribed with a delicious $200m expansion fee.

Apple now have the exclusive rights to all the games which feels like a real backwards step to growing the game. I can't imagine many of the sports bars here are going to be paying out for Apple TV. It is also clear that Apple have demanded more games which has led to this ridiculous format.

Phil Neville (Inter Miami coach) recently got in trouble with his employers in a recent interview for suggesting that MLS was a micky mouse league for only announcing the league format 4 days before the season begins. Hard to disagree.


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    In LA for work this week, so taking in LA Galaxy vs St Louis in a couple of hours. First MLS game live - interested in atmosphere and how the game plays out compared to UK standards. Suspect Champ to League 1 standard. My lad fancies their away shirt, so will see what the club shop is doing. 
  • They have an awful, slow chant of Ga-Lax-Eee that they start up
  • full on cocktail bar pre-getting to your seat. G&Ts pitch side - listen up CAFC!
  • This lot are as sh*t as us. Highlight of first half a home fan, yelling get off you suck! 🤣
  • 2-2 Billy fcuking Sharp 😯 came off the bench to equalise - pretty enjoyable overall and crowd were good - sang throughout 👏
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