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thanks to the 68 Lifers who gave marks


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    Best performers so far based on average marks:

    Egbo        6.80
    Ness        6.73
    Dobbo     6.64
    AMB         6.61
    Wollacott  6.60
    Fraser       6.56
    Sess          6.51

    All but one of the above  are defensive players, make of that what you will.

    Interestingly Rak Sakyi is only on 6.30, although in his last six games he's averaged 6.89. I guess he was more patchy earlier in the season.
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    edited February 2023
    If we lose at FGR, I wonder how many points we will be off relegation after the rather tricky run of games. Still, time to post something upbeat on the Will we make the play offs thread.
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    3 of the 4 lowest ranked players were ones signed in the January window.

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