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Arthur “Ikey” Bryan interesting news. UPDATED!!

edited January 2023 in General Charlton
Arthur was of course the original Addicker a supporter in whose fishmongers shop the team was first formed.
As far as I know it wasn’t a fish and chip shop, just a fishmongers, though I’m prepared to be convinced otherwise.
There are conflicting stories about how Ikey became known as the Addicker… money goes on an unknown journalist for The Kentish Independent coining this title, as Ikey would attend games with a smoked Haddock on a stick, this was possibly to advertise his shop as much as supporting the team.
I have been in touch with a relative of his who has some original documentation regarding Ikey and his family.
I’ll be putting her in touch with Ben & Ian.

For some reason not all of my original post went through?


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